Along with the rest of the country we are really enjoying the lovely warm weather. Breakfast on the terrace is a regular thing. The guests all say it is like having breakfast on the Amalfi coast!

If it all gets too much, there are some wonderful shady walks to be found right from the house, just leave the car in the car park for your holiday!

The Maritime Festival in Lynmouth, last weekend was fun, messing about in boats and a swimming race in the harbour all added to the amusements! My friend and I wandered down with our two dogs for a walk on the beach, they loved it.

Not to be beaten Ian took his friends Kayaking the week before, plenty of sun screen was required.

The wonderful thing about our position is that we see the sunrise (if you are up that early) and the effects at sunset. there have been some fabulous skies  in the last few weeks.