Well, what a year it has been! Thank you to all our visitors this year, we were so pleased to provide a much-needed break from the challenges of restricted everyday life. We have to admit though that lockdown provided a welcome opportunity for us to spend time looking after the garden, enjoying it, and the walks around and about, Rosie was very pleased too.! However, we really missed our visitors, so in July it was wonderful to open our doors again. The apartments were very popular, as was the bed and breakfast.

The town, pubs and restaurants in the area did us all proud and stepped up to the challenges.

According to many of our reviews Ian also excelled in providing some delicious breakfasts and dinners here!

Breakfast on the terrace anyone?

Fortunately, so far we have been blessed with relatively low rates of Covid in this area, so our visitor numbers were more than expected which was amazing for the area as a whole.

Looking to the future……

We will be following government guidelines, and all being well the apartments will be open throughout, as will our cottage in Appledore (search online for Sarah’s Cottage Appledore on AirBB). North Walk House bed and breakfast will open from Friday March 26th 2021.

 If you would like to visit us, we encourage you to book directly through our website or by phone for best possible rates and discounts.

Further posts this winter will keep you all up to date!